Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Busy Busy Busy!!!!

Well, the Hurst's have been very busy since the last post.......

Kasey had an awards night at her school, where she received her academic letter award. Then she had a piece of artwork in the Milwaukee Regional Art Show in Oconomowoc. 30 pieces chosen out of about 300 submissions. Finally for Kasey, she had her spring choir concert - which were all broadway show songs. It was very enjoyable. Now she is looking forward to completing her final exams for her freshman year of high school - and on to summer break. Oh, and it is time to start thinking about signing up for driver's ed...... Congratulations Kasey on all of your accomplishments this school year.

Grace has her spring band concert tomorrow night - looking forward to it. she has gotten quite good at her clarinet. She also got her test results back from MAP testing at school. Her scores in Math were super high (242) the average in her class was between 215-220, Reading (231) and Language Arts (229). Smartie Pants!!!! She is having a fantastic academic year, but looking forward to not getting up so early during summer vacation. We are very proud of you Grace, can't wait to see what God's plans are for your future.

Adam received his white belt in karate from Karate America that came to his school. Now he wants to join and continue his work. We are thinking about it. He completed his 1st year of cub scouts. Reached many goals and received many patches - that Mom gets to sew on his shirt. He also completed his year at JAM (Jesus and Me - Sunday School). He certainly enjoyed his time there. He went for a visit of the third grade classroom today. Hard to believe that he is going into 3rd grade already. Where does the time go. He has learned alot in 2nd grade this year and we have found out that he really likes and "gets" Math. This seems to run in the family. We are super proud of you Buddy!

Gary has celebrated his 43rd birthday and Chris has planted all of the flowers in the yard and in all of the pots.  We enjoyed a movie this past weekend. The boys went to The Avengers and the girls went to The Hunger Games. It seems like forever since we have gone to the theatres.... but now I know why... man does it cost alot. Oh well, it was fun to do - even if it is only once in awhile. Starting to plan the summer out.... wow looks like there are many things going on already, that makes summertime fun.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

See the Beauty.

Within the last week I have had many moments in time where I have just taken a step back to look to the simple things in life that bring me joy. Gary's Grandmother passed away last May and I have been caring for the orchid plant that she left behind. Now, I am not by any means a green thumb, but I really took the time to remember this plant. It has now bloomed 2 beautiful flowers and I am in awe of the simple pleasure that it has given me. I am continuing to see all that I have been given as a GIFT and to take pleasure and pride in the simple things in life. I pray that I don't take things like this for granted and that I always continue to feel blessed with every breath of life in which I have been given.