Friday, April 27, 2012

Artists, Artists at the Hurst's Home

So, we have now moved into spring..... what a fantastic time of the year. There are many things going on as we enter the last legs of the school year.

We just got a letter home from the Waukesha County Executive regarding Grace's artwork being on display at the Waukesha County courthouse, it is an oil pastel picture. (see the letter below) She also had gotten called down to the office and they gave her a letter that we need to sign to donate her egyptian picture (below also) to the PERMANENT collection at Aurora Advanced Healthcare in Menomonee Falls..... So if you are ever there for medical reasons - take a look for her picture. Congrats Grace.

Adam's school also had their art work displayed in the Menomonee Falls Library, and this is his drawing..... for 2nd grade I think he did a great job....

I guess all of my children have their Dad's talents.

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