Monday, January 23, 2012

Ring in 2012!

New Year's Day came - we slept in for quite awhile. Thank goodness - I think we all needed it. We went to Paula and Christopher's home to enjoy the Packer game and some really good food (yet again). I think it is time to diet! Thanks for a fun afternoon Paula, and the really good spread!

The next big event came up for Adam. Gary and Adam had been working on creating his pinewood derby car for cubscouts over a 3 week period. They had big plans - hopefully they could follow through. IRONMAN! Adam got to learn about different tools and actually got to use them too. Gary taught him about sawing, drilling, sanding, soldering and spray painting. I think that it was a very special time for both of them to build it together. Here are a few pictures of the process.....

So..... the big night has come.... IRON MAN was ready to race.

Ladies, Gentleman, boys and girls let the races begin.... As the night progressed and the races completed, Adam had won all but 2 races and actually won 1st place (surprising both Adam and Gary) for the 2012 Pinewood Derby for Pack 67. Congratulations Adam (and Dad!) what a fun night for all! On top of all of the excitement of the races, Adam also received his Wolf badge achievement along with some arrow points to add to his shirt. Just a great night for our boy! Thanks for sharing the night with us Grandma Micki and Grandpa Bob... and thanks for the treat buffet!

On the Girls side of the world.... Kasey and Grace have now finished up their 1st semester in their new schools. Final exams, tests and projects are now complete and the grades are in. They have done fantastic! We are very proud of both of you - Congratulations, your hard work has paid off.

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