Monday, January 23, 2012

2011 comes to an end!

So since the last post many more things have happened for the Hurst's. Kasey did have her Christmas concert for choir - it was beautiful. It was also fantastic that the choirs sang many christian based songs - for a public school.
(I will upload a video soon).

Gary was able to participate in the Living Nativity at our church. It was a cold night, too bad it didn't really take place in the warmth of the desert, but he made a wonderful king, presenting gold to the baby Jesus. He looked royal walking with his camel (ha ha). It is a wonderful evening reliving that blessed night.

Next came Christmas.... what a blessing! We had a wonderful time with our families. It is so special to share this time of the year with those who mean so much. Shelley, Eric and Rhys came down from Minneapolis and we had so much fun on Christmas Eve with the traditional Bawiec celebration, including all of the Italian foods and the fun of the stocking presentations. We evan played a game of football outside! Thanks Mom and Dad for a wonderful Christmas Eve 2012.

Christmas Day came for the Hurst kids. Adam woke up at 3:00am in hopes that it was time to get up.... he was sent back to his room. Then he got up again about 4:30am... again his hopes were crushed when he was sent back to bed once again. Finally, 7:00am came around and so did Adam. It was time to get everyone up and get started. The kids had a wonderful morning, ripping and tearing into their gifts, opening them up and powering up everything. What fun for Mom and Dad, watching the joy that comes with giving.

Next up came celebrating with the Hurst's on Christmas Day (afternoon). Amy, David and the girls came down from Wausau, Paula, Christopher and their 3 children from Milwaukee and our family all shared the day at Mom and Dad Hurst's. We had a blast eating fantastic food and sharing outstanding cookies and desserts. Gifts were given, the search for the pickle on the tree, hugs and smiles were everywhere and thank yous were shared. Thank you Mom and Dad for another fantastic Christmas Day 2012.

New Year's Eve came around and the Hurst's hosted our group of friends that we share with each and every year. Again, another day of fantastic foods. Yikes, the pounds are adding up! What a fun filled night full of laughs, good food, great drinks and fabulous friends. RING IN 2012!

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