Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October fun!

Well, many things have been going on for the Hurst's through the month of October. Here are a few.....

Gary has started his own freelance photography business.

He has designed a wonderful website. Here is the address, if you are interested in seeing what he has been up to. http://garyhurstphotography.weebly.com So there have been some weekend afternoons that he has been meeting up with some families at local parks around town for photo shoots. He is enjoying it a whole lot. If you know of anyone that may be interested in setting up a photo shoot for a special time in their lives- please don't hesitate to give them the web address or have them contact him. He does fantastic work!

Kasey went to the Homecoming dance and she had her first choir concert - it was fantastic. She is in Choir I and it consists of about 50 member (all girls-mostly freshman). There was Choir 2 which consisted of sophmores, juniors and seniors (boys/girls mixed) and The Master Singers which were mostly junior and seniors (all girls). Each group sang 3 songs during the concert. Then they all came together to sing one powerful song. It was a wonderful evening and something new for us to experience.

Next up came family picture weekend..... we dodged some rain drops, took the cat and carried a couch through a park. Talk about spontaneous. Here are 2 of the pictures. What fun!

Next up is Grace. Well, on the 1st day of the month she turned 12 years old. She planned a party and had a few girlfriends come over. We had pizzas and watched a movie. It was a fun night. 

She has been preparing for her upcoming band concert. She has put in many hours of practicing on her clarinet. We can't wait for that night. School has kept her busy with homework and projects, and with confirmation once a week she has filled up her nights pretty quickly. Grace has also been helping Gary with the family photo shoots that he has been doing. She is the assistant that he doesn't have to pay - she just likes helping him out. She went to a Halloween party this past weekend and dressed as a German Dancer - but I forgot to take a picture. She looked really cute though!

Finally, there's Adam (Mr. Social). He has been very busy with cub scouts and school. One evening the cub scout den went trick-or-treating through downtown Menomonee Falls, visiting many of the businesses. (here are a few pictures below - he was the HULK!). It was alot of fun for the boys, but it was alot of walking - I kept hearing my feet are tired - can we take a rest - are we almost done, but the boys had a great time. Adam also went trick-or-treating in our neighborhood and collected a bunch more candy, and we got to color his hair green for the 2nd time. 

Finally, the 2nd graders put on a character cafe for their book reports. Adam read a book about Charlie Brown and then they had to draw and decorate t-shirts with their main characters faces on them. Parents came and the children told us all about their character and the book that they read. It was a very cute afternoon. (here is a picture of Adam aka Charlie Brown).

Well, that sums up a little bit of what has been going on in our household.
On to November......

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