Friday, November 11, 2011

Congratulations Kasey!!!!

So, we are 11 days into November and Kasey has had some excitement. Her art teacher at school gave the students a contest postcard that they could do for Stabilo Markers (MacPherson Art in California). They had to design a Sneaker and then mail in the post card. Kasey completed her design and we mailed it in..... WELL, on Thursday morning (11/10/11), we got a box on our front porch addressed to her. She opened the box and found that she had won third place in the national contest. She received a free set of really nice fine-point markers. There was 1 first place winner, 3 second place winners and 10 third place winners. She was the only one from Wisconsin to win. Her art teacher was thrilled. She took her picture, made a copy of the letter and put the info in the school announcements.  She also contacted Nora at Artist & Display (Gary's old boss). Nora called us and talked with Gary and asked if she could post Kasey's name and art on the Artist & Display FaceBook page. Of course we thought that would be fine.So all in all, we were really proud of her (Daddy especially), and she was really happy too.

Here is the website that you can see her art work (her's will be the last one on the left). Enjoy!

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