Sunday, October 9, 2011

Homecoming 2011

Well, the time has come.... our first daughter has attended her first Homecoming dance. Kasey attended the Menomonee Falls Homecoming Dance on Saturday (Oct 8th) with a bunch of her friends. We traveled over to her friend Hannah's home and all of the kids came together there to take pictures. What fun! They all looked fantastic. I heard that they had fun at the dance too - danced all night, had very sore feet, and rough sounding voices by the end, but they plan on going together again next year. It is so hard to believe how grown -up they all have become. Here are a few pictures for the day.

Kasey in our yard

In the fall leaves

Beautiful young lady along the house

In the photo - Standing: Alexis, Kate, Sydney, Hannah, Josie
Sitting: Zach, Kasey and Luke

Sitting Pretty!!!!

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