Wednesday, August 3, 2011

WOW - June and July have flown by....

Sorry that is has been awhile since our last post - June and July were very busy and full of adventures for the Hurst's. This is what has happened recently: 
In the beginning of June: Kasey, Grace and Adam finished out the school year with wonderful grades. They all have been promoted to the next grade level (yeah!) As I think about that, this now means that Kasey will be in high school, Grace will be in middle school and Adam in 2nd grade. Three different schools for 2011-2012 school year. Wow, they are growing up fast. 

Gary and I marked our 17th year of marriage, Kasey celebrated her 14th birthday and Grace started clarinet lessons. She decided to join the music program in Middle School. This has made Gary and I very happy. Thank you Auntie Paula for allowing her to borrow your clarinet. Our oldest niece, Amanda, graduated from high school - on to Concordia University - Mequon. Congratulations Amanda.

On to July: Wonderful America's birthday celebrations. Gary was able to sing the Lord's praises and the rest of us walked during the Menomonee Falls 4th of July parade (that is attended by about 20,000 people). Gary's voice carried the love of the Lord across many ears in the Village. The next day - Germantown had a wonderful day planned. We spent the day with Mom and Dad Hurst, Uncle Manley and Auntie Char, Amy, David and the girls. Watched the parade in the heat, went back to swim with Grandpa, had wonderful food (thanks Grandma), and were in awww of the fireworks - all in all a super day. I think Gary has some pictures that I can post, will update soon.

Next we spent the weekend in Wausau (with Amy and her family). We camped the weekend and enjoyed the outdoors. ChalkFest 2011 took place. We purchased sidewalk squares and were able to show our creative sides. The weather cooperated for the most part - a little rain, but all drawings were able to be fixed and cleaned up. There were 260 squares that were covered in the downtown square with beautiful colors and outstanding creativity. Gary won 3rd place this year - that makes him 3 out of 3 for the years that we have done this. Each of the girls did a square themselves this year and Adam was part of the children's mural. Here are a few pictures, Gary did the Rainy Romance, Kasey did the large eye, Grace did "Three Grace's in the Moonlight" and Adam did a Star Wars ship. What a fun weekend with family. Thanks Gennerman Family for the invite.

Next up came an experience that was more scary than fun. Kasey entered Children's Hospital Emergency Department on a Thursday evening. After many hours of pain, waiting and tests, it was confirmed that she needed surgery to remove her gallbladder. Kasey, Gary and I were blessed with so many prayer warriors on our side busy praying for her. We can't thank you all enough for your time commitment to the Lord on our behalf.  Saturday came and God blessed her surgeons and medical teams. She came through the surgery with no complications. Healing has gone well. God is Good!

Grace has completed her summer clarinet lessons - as one of the best incoming 6th grade clarinet students (says her teacher). There is a lot less squeeking as the days go by.

Now we enter the month of August and we have had some excitement already. Adam has turned 7 years old. WOW!!! Vacation Bible School has kept all of the kids busy this week. Lots of fun - even though it has been hot outside. State Fair begins this week and we are going on Friday to enjoy some crazy food and to see a christian concert by Casting Crowns. We can't wait. 

School forms are now coming in the mail - YIKES! That time is arriving (summer slips by too fast), but we have many more fun times planned.

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