Wednesday, August 24, 2011

1st day of 2nd Grade

Well, today is the day..... Adam starts 2nd grade. Hard to believe that our little boy is growing up so fast. He was really ready to go back to school, I think that he was getting bored with summer. Time to hit the books, play with friends and continue to grow in his faith. The first day began with entering the classroom with a new teacher (Mrs. Culli, she is super nice). There was morning work to begin the day, then it was off to the opening chapel service. I am sure that he will be tired this evening, but I know that it is good for him to get back into a more scheduled type of day. He came home with a smile on his face, so that is a really good sign. This year is going to be great. Congratulations Adam - good luck in 2nd Grade.

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