Saturday, March 26, 2011

Matthew West (with Josh Wilson) Concert Photos

Chris and I had the opportunity to go to the Matthew West, The Story of Your Life concert at Fox River Church last night. We went with two very good friends of ours, Paul and Jeannie Schulz. The concert started off with Josh Wilson singing some of his hits. He is an amazing performer that uses a loop pedal to build his own band on the fly as he goes. He ended his set with an all instrumental guitar performance of Amazing grace that brought the crowd to their feet. I would say he is one of the most gifted guitarists I've ever heard play. 

Matthew West has a God-given talent of singing and songwriting and he took it to the next level with his newest album The Story of Your LifeMatthew thumbed through thousands of listeners' stories, in a cabin alone for 2 months. He emerged a changed man. "I was face to face with the real stories of people's lives," Matthew reflected, "It made me take a look in my own life, and I realized that a lot of times, I stay safe in the confines of My Own Little World. 

Matthew West wasted no time taking the stage after Josh, and sang hit after hit. Then he took a break. When the band came back Matthew turned the stage into a log cabin and read the stories and performed the songs that inspired him for his new album. The song My Own Little World is every story thrown into a song. There's nothing like spending two months focusing on other people's lives to get a little perspective in your own." His songs touched on broken moments of real peoples lives, but the topics of the songs have mass appeal to everyone struggling with these same issues. Divorce, Abuse, Adoption, Bullying, Physical Injury, Cancer, Dysfunctional Families and living in our own little worlds. We had a great time, came away with a new respect for the idea that the person next to you has a story. They may be hurting and hiding from it, but as Christians we need to let them know that even when they aren't strong enough, Jesus is. (enjoy the pics)

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