Wednesday, December 14, 2011

December is here!

Wow - December is here. The Hurst Family has been very busy. One major event that is taking place for our Grace Lutheran Church Family is the dedication of our new church home. This will take place Sunday, December 18th. On the 11th we had our final service in our current location. We then had the removal of our alter cross and a processional of vehicles (probably about 80-100) travel through Menomonee Falls, following the cross to our new location. Here are a couple of pictures....

The cross being attached
to the flat bed to make
the voyage through town.

The Processional
It has arrived at the new home.
Time to be hung!
Next up came some Christmas Caroling for Gary and Adam. Gary's Praise Team from church performed a peaceful concert for the families at the Ronald McDonald House in Milwaukee. He said is was very rewarding to see the smiling faces and they had fun with one little girl who joined in by ringing jingle bells to the music. Adam's Cub Scout Group did some singing for the residents at a local nursing home. Again, there is something that brings you great joy when you see someone having difficulties within their lives who can be so pleased with something so simple and humble as a song.

HMMMM.... kind of reminds me of a simple birth of a baby in a stable that changed the world forever.

Tuesday, December 13th Grace had her first Band Conert. What a wonderful evening. The 6th and 7th grade bands performed, and WOW they were really good. I can't believe that these 6th graders had just picked out these instruments less than 6 months ago. We are certainly blessed to have a wonderful music program here in Menomonee Falls. Here are a couple of pictures and a short video of one of her songs. 

Wednesday, December 14th, Adam had his Advent program. This year's program consisted of 3 year olds through 2nd graders. It was really cute - as usual. Here are a few pictures - and a short video. Enjoy!

This is a picture that appears on a large screen
before and during the program. That is our little Joseph!

We have many more events coming up in the next weeks - so we will keep you all posted as things happen. May you all have a blessed Christmas and a wonderful new year.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Congratulations Kasey!!!!

So, we are 11 days into November and Kasey has had some excitement. Her art teacher at school gave the students a contest postcard that they could do for Stabilo Markers (MacPherson Art in California). They had to design a Sneaker and then mail in the post card. Kasey completed her design and we mailed it in..... WELL, on Thursday morning (11/10/11), we got a box on our front porch addressed to her. She opened the box and found that she had won third place in the national contest. She received a free set of really nice fine-point markers. There was 1 first place winner, 3 second place winners and 10 third place winners. She was the only one from Wisconsin to win. Her art teacher was thrilled. She took her picture, made a copy of the letter and put the info in the school announcements.  She also contacted Nora at Artist & Display (Gary's old boss). Nora called us and talked with Gary and asked if she could post Kasey's name and art on the Artist & Display FaceBook page. Of course we thought that would be fine.So all in all, we were really proud of her (Daddy especially), and she was really happy too.

Here is the website that you can see her art work (her's will be the last one on the left). Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October fun!

Well, many things have been going on for the Hurst's through the month of October. Here are a few.....

Gary has started his own freelance photography business.

He has designed a wonderful website. Here is the address, if you are interested in seeing what he has been up to. So there have been some weekend afternoons that he has been meeting up with some families at local parks around town for photo shoots. He is enjoying it a whole lot. If you know of anyone that may be interested in setting up a photo shoot for a special time in their lives- please don't hesitate to give them the web address or have them contact him. He does fantastic work!

Kasey went to the Homecoming dance and she had her first choir concert - it was fantastic. She is in Choir I and it consists of about 50 member (all girls-mostly freshman). There was Choir 2 which consisted of sophmores, juniors and seniors (boys/girls mixed) and The Master Singers which were mostly junior and seniors (all girls). Each group sang 3 songs during the concert. Then they all came together to sing one powerful song. It was a wonderful evening and something new for us to experience.

Next up came family picture weekend..... we dodged some rain drops, took the cat and carried a couch through a park. Talk about spontaneous. Here are 2 of the pictures. What fun!

Next up is Grace. Well, on the 1st day of the month she turned 12 years old. She planned a party and had a few girlfriends come over. We had pizzas and watched a movie. It was a fun night. 

She has been preparing for her upcoming band concert. She has put in many hours of practicing on her clarinet. We can't wait for that night. School has kept her busy with homework and projects, and with confirmation once a week she has filled up her nights pretty quickly. Grace has also been helping Gary with the family photo shoots that he has been doing. She is the assistant that he doesn't have to pay - she just likes helping him out. She went to a Halloween party this past weekend and dressed as a German Dancer - but I forgot to take a picture. She looked really cute though!

Finally, there's Adam (Mr. Social). He has been very busy with cub scouts and school. One evening the cub scout den went trick-or-treating through downtown Menomonee Falls, visiting many of the businesses. (here are a few pictures below - he was the HULK!). It was alot of fun for the boys, but it was alot of walking - I kept hearing my feet are tired - can we take a rest - are we almost done, but the boys had a great time. Adam also went trick-or-treating in our neighborhood and collected a bunch more candy, and we got to color his hair green for the 2nd time. 

Finally, the 2nd graders put on a character cafe for their book reports. Adam read a book about Charlie Brown and then they had to draw and decorate t-shirts with their main characters faces on them. Parents came and the children told us all about their character and the book that they read. It was a very cute afternoon. (here is a picture of Adam aka Charlie Brown).

Well, that sums up a little bit of what has been going on in our household.
On to November......

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Homecoming 2011

Well, the time has come.... our first daughter has attended her first Homecoming dance. Kasey attended the Menomonee Falls Homecoming Dance on Saturday (Oct 8th) with a bunch of her friends. We traveled over to her friend Hannah's home and all of the kids came together there to take pictures. What fun! They all looked fantastic. I heard that they had fun at the dance too - danced all night, had very sore feet, and rough sounding voices by the end, but they plan on going together again next year. It is so hard to believe how grown -up they all have become. Here are a few pictures for the day.

Kasey in our yard

In the fall leaves

Beautiful young lady along the house

In the photo - Standing: Alexis, Kate, Sydney, Hannah, Josie
Sitting: Zach, Kasey and Luke

Sitting Pretty!!!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

God's Mission

Well, last week Gary was on a 8 day mission trip with the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. 16 men from 5 different churches traveled to Wind River Wyoming. Gary and 3 other men from our church traveled together via RV. They left Friday, September 23rd at 8:30am. They drove carefully and enjoyed the majesty of God's land along with many fun adventures on the way. Their work at the mission church entailed building a bell tower, constructing a deck, painting trim work around the grounds, building a new sign and many other odd jobs. The congregation members (all Shoshone Indian) were so thankful for the hard physical work, and loved sharing time with these men. I think that both the men from Wisconsin and the people of Wind River Lutheran Church took back something so special from this adventure. Gary in the travels documented so much with his camera. These pictures only give us a glimpse of the beauty that this trip gave him. I have attached the link to the flicker slide show of some of his pictures. We hope that you enjoy. Copy and paste this link in your browser. I am sure that he would have much more to say about this trip, but I thought that I would at least give you the opportunity to see some of the West through his eyes (and camera). Enjoy!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The BIG 4-0!

Well, I made it through..... my first day of entering a new decade of my life. I certianly don't feel like I am 40, but there are days I am sure ahead of me that will (at least that is what I have been told.)

Gary and the kids took me out to dinner (yum - I am pretty sure that we all ate too much), then we came home and had presents and a super-dooper ice cream cake (which we all found room for to eat). All in all a very nice day.
Thanks Honey and kids - I love you guys very much!

Here are a few pictures!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Mauthe Lake Camping

We had such a great time with everyone camping at Mauthe Lake this year. Here is a slideshow of our pictures from all of the fun. If you want any of these files for your home just let me know and we'll e-mail them to you.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

1st day of 2nd Grade

Well, today is the day..... Adam starts 2nd grade. Hard to believe that our little boy is growing up so fast. He was really ready to go back to school, I think that he was getting bored with summer. Time to hit the books, play with friends and continue to grow in his faith. The first day began with entering the classroom with a new teacher (Mrs. Culli, she is super nice). There was morning work to begin the day, then it was off to the opening chapel service. I am sure that he will be tired this evening, but I know that it is good for him to get back into a more scheduled type of day. He came home with a smile on his face, so that is a really good sign. This year is going to be great. Congratulations Adam - good luck in 2nd Grade.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

WOW - June and July have flown by....

Sorry that is has been awhile since our last post - June and July were very busy and full of adventures for the Hurst's. This is what has happened recently: 
In the beginning of June: Kasey, Grace and Adam finished out the school year with wonderful grades. They all have been promoted to the next grade level (yeah!) As I think about that, this now means that Kasey will be in high school, Grace will be in middle school and Adam in 2nd grade. Three different schools for 2011-2012 school year. Wow, they are growing up fast. 

Gary and I marked our 17th year of marriage, Kasey celebrated her 14th birthday and Grace started clarinet lessons. She decided to join the music program in Middle School. This has made Gary and I very happy. Thank you Auntie Paula for allowing her to borrow your clarinet. Our oldest niece, Amanda, graduated from high school - on to Concordia University - Mequon. Congratulations Amanda.

On to July: Wonderful America's birthday celebrations. Gary was able to sing the Lord's praises and the rest of us walked during the Menomonee Falls 4th of July parade (that is attended by about 20,000 people). Gary's voice carried the love of the Lord across many ears in the Village. The next day - Germantown had a wonderful day planned. We spent the day with Mom and Dad Hurst, Uncle Manley and Auntie Char, Amy, David and the girls. Watched the parade in the heat, went back to swim with Grandpa, had wonderful food (thanks Grandma), and were in awww of the fireworks - all in all a super day. I think Gary has some pictures that I can post, will update soon.

Next we spent the weekend in Wausau (with Amy and her family). We camped the weekend and enjoyed the outdoors. ChalkFest 2011 took place. We purchased sidewalk squares and were able to show our creative sides. The weather cooperated for the most part - a little rain, but all drawings were able to be fixed and cleaned up. There were 260 squares that were covered in the downtown square with beautiful colors and outstanding creativity. Gary won 3rd place this year - that makes him 3 out of 3 for the years that we have done this. Each of the girls did a square themselves this year and Adam was part of the children's mural. Here are a few pictures, Gary did the Rainy Romance, Kasey did the large eye, Grace did "Three Grace's in the Moonlight" and Adam did a Star Wars ship. What a fun weekend with family. Thanks Gennerman Family for the invite.

Next up came an experience that was more scary than fun. Kasey entered Children's Hospital Emergency Department on a Thursday evening. After many hours of pain, waiting and tests, it was confirmed that she needed surgery to remove her gallbladder. Kasey, Gary and I were blessed with so many prayer warriors on our side busy praying for her. We can't thank you all enough for your time commitment to the Lord on our behalf.  Saturday came and God blessed her surgeons and medical teams. She came through the surgery with no complications. Healing has gone well. God is Good!

Grace has completed her summer clarinet lessons - as one of the best incoming 6th grade clarinet students (says her teacher). There is a lot less squeeking as the days go by.

Now we enter the month of August and we have had some excitement already. Adam has turned 7 years old. WOW!!! Vacation Bible School has kept all of the kids busy this week. Lots of fun - even though it has been hot outside. State Fair begins this week and we are going on Friday to enjoy some crazy food and to see a christian concert by Casting Crowns. We can't wait. 

School forms are now coming in the mail - YIKES! That time is arriving (summer slips by too fast), but we have many more fun times planned.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Rhys' 1st birthday!

Rhys turned one on June 6th, so we went up to visit then stayed for the party. We had gotten him a wagon full of blocks, he loved it and figured out that if he kept on lifting up the handle he would get people to laugh. It was so fun to see him play with his new toys. 
We finally got to see what a good eater he is also, since the food was Mexican style there was a lot of guacamole and salsa going into his mouth, along with some black beans and rice for supper. Oh, and he sure enjoyed the delicious birthday cake. He is so fun to be around and we all can't wait until we see him again.   
(hope you enjoy the pics)   -Kasey

Monday, May 16, 2011

Events from the last month and a half

Sorry that it has been so long since our last post, but there have been so many things happening, this was the one of the last things on my mind. I want to keep you updated as to the things that the Hurst kids have been doing.....

1. Grace Lutheran had their Science Fair and Grace decided to grow mold on cheese, what a fun project. She won 3rd place for her project.

2. Grace played on the 5th and 6th grade Volleyball team. I would have to say that she was one of the best players on the team (and I am not being biased - since I am her mom). Here are a couple of pictures. This was a very short 4 week season, but lots of fun.

3. Adam's 1 st grade class had a Poetry Tea Party. They invited their family to come for the afternoon enjoy some poetry reading that they created and they served us drinks and cookies. What fun to hear 1st graders read to you.

4. Kasey was confirmed on May 1st. She also had her 1st communion the week after. What a wonderful couple of weeks for her. God sure has blessed her life. We had a fun afternoon celebrating with family. Thank you to all who have had an impact on her life Gary and I can't thank you enough.

5. Grace graduated from the DARE program. They had to write pledges that Officer Kirchberger read through, and he choose 2 of the students to read them at the graduation. Grace's poem was choosen. She was given a medal from the police department. Yeah Grace.

Well that is it for now. There are many other events coming our way in the next couple of weeks, so I will be sure to keep you posted.