Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sunday Canoe Trip with Dad

On September 26th, dad and I got to take the canoe out for a day trip in Monches, Wi.  We had a great time. The weather was overcast and looked like it might rain any minute, but it never did. The first picture is a map of the route we took. The view was wonderful, with the glassy water, reflections and colorful foliage— although it wasn't quite peak fall color yet. We chased a Blue Heron around a couple of bends in the river and watched it as it hunted the base of the cattails for fish. We also saw blue jays and a muskrat. We went under a few bridges including one we had to lay down to get under, and as we rested at the picnic spot on Lowes Lake we watched the fish jumping. We went a little bit past Lowes Lake to see what was around the bend, but decided to head back as it was getting darker. It was a fun trip and we learned a really good lesson too.... when a muskrat goes by, at least one of the two people in the canoe should pay attention to where the canoe is headed... :)  after we backed away from the tree it was smooth rowing home. Thanks for a great day dad! Let's go again soon!

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