Friday, August 6, 2010

Our little Boy is 6

WOW, it is hard to believe that our little Adam has turned 6 this past week. Our lives were forever changed on August 1, 2004. We were set in our ways with 2 young girls, but then God blessed us with our little boy. He has been a joy to our lives, and we can't imagine our world without him. He will be a wonderful man someday.... just hopefully not too soon. I never want him to grow up.... but I know that can't happen, so we will have to savor every moment with all of our kids. They are only little for so long.

Adam had a friend birthday party on Friday, July 30th,

Then we took him to Build-a-Bear on Saturday, July 31st. This was a promise that his Daddy made with him 1 year ago.

He is looking forward to a family birthday party tomorrow (Saturday, August 7th). He has had a great week. His Daddy made him this AWESOME baseball bat birthday cake for his family party. We continued to eat this cake for the next week, but it was so cool. It was an Adamville Slugger.

We love you Adam and happy 6th birthday little man!


Heidi Ludorf said...

Thanks for posting the pics of your Jedi-dog, Adam! I think his light saber is the coolest part of his outfit.

The Hursts said...

Best Cake In EVER!

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