Sunday, April 25, 2010

Portrait of Grace

I've started the base painting of Grace's portrait. I'm trying a little different approach this time: more direct with my color choices and strokes in the initial base painting than I was with Adam's portrait. It has come to my attention that most people think the painting of Adam is bigger that it really is. The actual size is 11" x 14". This painting of Grace is 12" x 24" and double the surface to cover. That is why I wanted to be more deliberate with my initial strokes and color choices, I am hoping for less finessing as I come closer to the finished portrait. Already I see some slight position errors in her face I will correct. The eye on the left needs work on the lid shape and roundness of the iris and the eye on the right is positioned slightly too low and needs shape definition. also I need to finish the bottom of her nose. Because I skipped this in the initial painting, I believe my judgement of positions of the mouth are off slightly causing a tense feel to her smile. I am letting the painting dry some before I go back for round two, but My next goal will be to correct the facial structure shortfalls. On the plus side it already is starting to look a lot like Grace.


Heidi Ludorf said...

I'm struck by how much your girls resemble each other! I don't usually think of Grace and Kasey as looking much alike, but I REALLY see Kasey in this image, too. Thanks for sharing, Gary!

csmitharrow said...

Gary, you are a true artist. Cheri (Chris's cousin from Alabama)

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