Friday, April 2, 2010

My Clay Lion

In my art class we were assigned to create a clay sculpture of anything we wanted. I found some reference pictures of LIONS online and started building. I started my creation at school by building up an armature made up of newspaper and tape. Once I finished the armature I got to start with CLAY!!! I took "to long" to finish the sculpture, so I had to finish it as homework. I finished it and I think it looks great. Here are some pictures that dad took of the sculpture when it was finished. It will be fired over my easter break.
P.S. I would like some suggestions on how to paint it!!! (realistic, bronzed or...)
-Kasey Hurst

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Anonymous said...

hi kasey-
great job!!!
i personally think you should bronze it to make it look more grand like a statue at an entrance to something important. i really love the look on his face. keep up the good work!
jeani who works with your dad

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