Thursday, March 11, 2010

Oil Painting...

I've finally gotten around to painting again. Which is good because it gets me away from the digital world of design for awhile. So what to paint? Hmmm... well i was inspired  when my son Adam put on my hat... I grabbed my camera and shot some photos in front of the big picture window in our living room. He was acting so cute, but I did catch one photo of him serious that reminded me of old world portraits. So I decided to paint Adam...  I will try to keep a running update to the photos as I work. I am using oils so the drying time is slow and should allow me to take a shot after each session... hope you enjoy seeing it come together.
Oh, the painting is 11 x 14. (click on the photos to see them larger)

The First session - Base Painting. Here I am just getting the proportions and base color scheme started. It's about 5 hours of work.

The Second session - Adjustments. I wasn't happy with the position of the eye on the left and the size of his ear. also the right side of the face was too wide. The Sweater I blocked in was also too big on the right and needed to come in for a better composition. I also skipped ahead and started working in some tighter details on the eye on the left and his nose & ear.

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