Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Operation Christmas Child 2009

 Grace Lutheran Church was involved in a campaign called "Faith in Action - Be the Church". We were challenged to step outside of the church and help someone else in need by being involved in some service project. Our Deconness and I had decided that we were was going to set-up an Operation Christmas Child mission as an option for our members to get involved in. Operation Christmas Child is in coordination with Samaritian's Purse - who present filled shoeboxes to children around the world who would otherwise not have anything for Christmas. I felt a drive in my heart to make this project a reality. Saturday, October 24, 2009 was the date that I had scheduled to have the Operation Christmas Child pack-n-wrap date. I had requested from our congregation donations of items, such as, toothbrushes and toothpaste, small toys, socks, candy, school supplies, soap and washclothes, small stuffed animals amd many other "simple" items that would bring joy to a childs heart this Christmas. I had two weeks to gather items. It all began at a very slow pace. I went to puchase the boxes to be used that day and felt that if we filled 20 boxes then we were doing good. The following week I took inventory of all of the items that we had donated by the loving folks of Grace Lutheran and I felt that I needed another 30 boxes to make a total of 50 filled. Saturday the 24th of October came around and as I was putting everything out on tables for all of my volunteers to use to fill the boxes, I was overwhelmed with the generousity. We had about 30 members from young children to older folks that were helping fill and wrap these boxes. There was joy in these volunteers faces because they felt that they were doing something wonderful for someone else. That is what it is all about. We were nearing the end of my box supply, but yet we had some many more items left. One member decided to go and get more boxes so we could continue filling more. We were able to fill a total of 70 boxes (that you see above). We will be able to have our love and prayers sent to 70 different children on the other side of the world that we may never know. That is what "service" is.... This is what "Christmas" is.... sharing the love of Lord with another. It was a wonderful day! I can't thank the members of Grace Lutheran Church enough for there love and generority throughout this entire mission project - they really know what it means to "Give this Christmas Away". God Bless you - Chris

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